You be you, girls.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shirt/Scarf: H&M, Skirt: Ross, Shoes: Payless
Photography: Ashlee Larsen

Hi, I am Jalynn. I am not some fancy dancy blogger who buys gucci and prada. I became a blogger because I love fashion. My life isn't perfect, I am not perfect and I sure do not look like other bloggers out there that I love and appear to be perfect. I am normal, and just me. I am a bargain shopper who would rather spend 12 bucks on a skirt than 50 just to have a brand on it. I feel like I relate more to the general public for these reasons. I love all of my followers and I hope you enjoy reading and following along as much as I love sharing and having fun with my outfits.

If you take one thing from me and my blog, it is to just be you, always. Dress how you want and what reflects you best. Don't feel pressured to be a certain way. Develop your own style and rock it.

You be you, girls.

This weeks fashion challenge hosted by Styles For Less is:

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