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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sweater/Leggings: Forever 21, Boots: Forever Young Shoes, Purse: Ross

Meet my sweater, love. She is comfy, like I mentioned above (yes, it's a girl). I am still on a mission to mix and match the randoms. How am I doing so far? Is this random enough? 

Vibrant and energetic prints are a fashion statement to remember. When it comes to prints the rule is usually to only wear one print and keep the other half of you a little more on the calm side. Well, I pushed the limits. Love my love. 

I decided that since I have been in a relationship for 9 days now, i'm pretty much an expert (okay I joke, but you still have to read this anyways) so I'm gonna give you single gals out there some advice (don't really listen to what I say) slash random relationship learnings of mine that kinda make me giggle.

1. Feed him 7-layer dip and Chili. Yummy food = Happy man.
2. The little things matter. I was told by a smart lady that you know you like someone when you put aside your needs and want to do things for the other person.
3. He will watch the Kardashians with you if he really likes you ;)
4. Writing a guy a rap/poem-ish thing gets brownie points. Straight to the heart. White girl style.
5. When you have those dramatic girl moments and he still wants to hang out with you, I think that is a good sign.
6. I deal with him yelling at the tv during BYU games and he deals with me yelling at the Jazz games. Now that rules (I think the last time I said "rules" was in kindergarten) "Girls rule, and boys drool".
7. Okay i'm done.

I may or may not have a few more random thoughts after my road trip with the bf this weekend.... :)

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