3 days and counting Featuring Styles For Less

Sunday, November 18, 2012

 Shirt/Vest/Scarf/Pants: Styles For Less Shoes: Shiekh Shoes

Today's outfit is a Styles For Less outfit. Keeping it casual. Very casual. Throwing a vest over a t shirt is a great casual winter outfit. Styles For Less has some great layering pieces. Another great option is to wear one of their cute long sleeve sweaters underneath this vest. Go to your nearest store or check online at www.stylesforless.com

I finally got my new sneaker style booties in the mail. I don't know what people are actually calling them but I love them. Comfortable. 2 1/2 inch wedge. So I am only 6'2 instead of like 6'4. I like it. 

On Saturday I went laser tagging with the boyfriend and a few of my best friends. Four teams... and we came in last. I will say that it was soooo much fun. One of the teams we lost to was a team consisting of 8 year old children. They take their laser tagging seriously. They are good. It is safe to say I have a game plan for next time. I hope everyone had a fun and random weekend like yours truly. :)

Only a few days until Thanksgiving. Three days and counting until I am on the road!! So excited to be with family for a few days!