leather and why you need some.

Sunday, September 16, 2012
Happy Monday! 

More inspiration!!! I know this is going to be out of the ordinary for most of you... but you all seriously need to purchase a pair of leather pants/leggings. I FINALLY (after looking for a pair long enough) found some!!!! I found a lot of really great ways to wear leather pants. Here is my inspiration for today:

Blazer: Styles For Less, Shirt: Pac Sun, Leather Leggings: Cotton On, Wedges: Kohl's

So there it is. You will be seeing these babies around more often. I was so beyond ridiculously excited when I found them. They are really comfortable and as usual I am stoked to experiment with these. This is a more dressed up look. Denim, boots, t-shirt, blazer... the options are endless. 

Why you need it: Believe it or not leather brings confidence. That is a scientific fact-ish thing. So what better way to rock your confidence? These are a great alternative to jeans. This season even Gap has declared that leather is "becoming your new jean". And they probably know.