horizontal vs vertical

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shirt: Love Culture, Pants: Styles For Less, Boots: Forever Young Shoes 

If you haven't figured out yet, stripes are an optical illusion. Tests have been done that show vertical stripes being more slimming and horizontal stripes are more widening (make you look fatter). Obviously when I see a shirt at the store with stripes I don't really think about those things. I don't buy vertical stripes to make me look taller because obviously being 6'0 tall is enough tall for me, and who wants to look fatter? Not me. I will continue to buy both though. I am a fashion rebel I guess.

This is a fun shirt. I love the colors and I ALWAYS love stripes. Horizontal or vertical. A lot of my friends (mostly guy friends) always think I look like i'm going to ref a game in this shirt. Silly boys! I kept this outfit simple to keep from doing too much with the vertical stripes. These skinny jeans from Styles For Less are my FAVORITE. I have worn them down to their last thread. No joke. My boots are new and I plan on wearing them quite often this winter!

I have a fun challenge for all you girlies out there. Styles For Less hosts something called: Friday Match-Up. They choose a category every week and you will take pictures of your outfit and tag them on Instagram. This weeks match-up is:

Show us how you wear your peplum and maybe add a little fall touch to it! Be creative and have fun with it. Tag your photos #fridaymatchup and/or #stylesforless

I hope to see all your pictures... I sure am excited to share mine!