rock your holies

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shirt: Styles For Less, Pants: Kohls, Boots: H&M

If you have days like me, you like to dress a little on the rocker chick side. Sometimes I just wake up and my hair is a little crazy and I am feeling a little crazy and this is what happens. Dress how you feel. I am a girl so naturally my moods change often. Thank goodness for a room full of random clothes! If men were smart they would figure us crazies out by how we dress. At least me. Now there is a suggestion!

One time my grandma was really confused as to why I bought jeans with holes in them already. She said usually when jeans get holes, you buy new ones. Not the other way around. It took a little to explain that it's just one of those trends that none of us will every understand, but we all participate anyways. Don't you just love Grandmas?! Rock your holies (I just made that a word).

Today is the LAST day to enter the Flektor watch giveaway! Share it on FB and get a few entries! I hope everyone has a super fab weekend. I will announce the winner on Monday!