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Thursday, August 2, 2012

 I come in peace, apparently.

 Shoes: Plato's Closet, Skirt/Necklaces: Forever 21, Shirt: Old Navy

This is Lesly. She did my hair today. She is great. And has purple hair that makes me jealous. Wearing heels makes me really tall sometimes. As you can see she had to stand on her tippy toes and I had to bend my body in half. haha oh the joys...

I have a boredom problem. I get bored with a lot of things way to fast. I have to keep my life exciting. When things are too much the same for too long I go cray cray. So I change my hair. Does anyone else do this or is it just me? I need to find a career that keeps me on my toes. Or something of the sorts.

Back to the fashion. Sorry people, I get distracted. I like pencil/bandage skirts. Everyone calls them something different. Whatever they are called I really love them. They are long for my long body and I can wear them high wasted to suck in that gut. Who needs spanx when ya have skirts?! Right?! Also, they make me look like I have a bum and a few curves maybe. Curves are nice.

The weekend is here again thank goodness. Have fun kids. Do something so great this weekend.


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