food and dating and stuff

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shirt: Marshall's, Skirt: F21, Necklace: H&M

Today's topics are completely random. That is the great thing about a blog. I can do and say what I want. Booya! Okay, so first of all... I have a food problem. I am working my tail off at the gym and really feeling good. I get home, and have a brownie, or ice cream, or chips. I have NO control. I can say no sometimes, but other times I break. If you stick a cookie or something yummy in front of my face I just can't turn it down! If you beautiful ladies would like to share your secrets with me I won't even be mad! I see all those quotes about how it's not worth it to eat that brownie or candy bar but lets be real.... it's worth it. So yum. HELP!!!

Second, girls get a bad rap for being "confusing" and playing games and being hard to read when dating. I can't say I disagree but for reals guys?! Just as bad. Am I right? I am. Guys say they hate the games and the dating and all that fun stuff but when it comes right down to it they are just as bad. I don't read minds unfortunately, but I'm thinking I should have gone into that in college or something. Crystal ball anyone?!

Okay so now that i'm done with my random thoughts, let me just tell you how much I still love stripes. Stripes with bright colors. Sometimes stripes make one seem wider (I learned this the hard way), this is a true fashion fact so you have to be careful when you are pairing it when certain things. Also, I am bringing the crimped hair back into style. Watch me do it. I was lazy I admit it, but I miss those wonderful crimpy junior high days. Life was easier back then. I could eat what I wanted and boys weren't making me crazy.