Awkward Moment Monday

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Undershirt: WMart, Tank Top: H&M, Scarf: F21, Pants: Styles For Less, Shoes: Ross

Two favorite colors right now, hands down. Mint and coral. They are such fun colors and add a summery pop to any outfit. Yes, I know its 90 degrees outside but it's whatev. It seems like I want to layer when it's summer and I want to wear summer clothes when its winter. It must be one of those confusing girl things.

That Awkward Moment When...
-I see a cute guy at the pool from a distance and It ends up being a kid I used to babysit. Moral of the story: I am old, and that is weird.
-A guy tells me we hung out in High School. I have no recollection of this. After explaining to me the night we hung out I finally remembered, and only because I remember (still to this day) that he had the softest toilet paper IN THE WORLD at his casa. You don't forget that kind of smoothness.
-I eat 7 chocolate chip cookies within thirty minutes (chocolate and I get along all too well) and can't walk up the stairs without having a heart attack. Geez me.
-Court and I had to come up with breathing strategies when going potty (I nanny, I say potty) in the outhouse. We learned we cannot go pee and hold our breath at the same time. You try it. It's hard.

Happy Monday to you friends. 4th of July week is one of my favorite weeks. True story.

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