Friday, October 28, 2011
I have gotten a few emails asking what I do (because I'm abnormally tall) when a skirt or dress is too short. I don't have any awesome secrets but I do have my ways!! First off, If a skirt or dress is too short for comfort or whatever the reason may be I have two go-to's.

1. Biker shorts (cute ones)
2. Another skirt

Unfortunately I don't have pictures for you of another skirt today, but all you do is find a longer skirt and place it under the dress or skirt you are wearing to add a little more length. I get funny looks when I'm wearing my biker shorts but I think its a super cute way to hide what ya don't want shown!

Utah fashion blogger, modest fashion blogger

poka dot dress, black and white dress

biker shorts, necklace

jean vest, colorful necklace

brown boots, lace up boots
Dress: Target || Biker shorts/socks: Styles For Less || Boots ($7)/necklace ($3)/denim vest ($6): Thrifted

The lace just peeks out of the bottom, but now if I have to bend over or sit, I am not hanging out everywhere. You shorter girls usually have nothing to worry about. My friend has this dress and it goes below her knees. Lucky me. There are ways around everything though and I have learned from experience. Get creative!! I never let shortness be a reason for not wearing something I love. You can always layer with leggings, tights, another skirt (its cute I promise) or spandex biker shorts. Its a great solution.

Happy Friday!!! I will be attending some great Halloween parties this weekend. I hope you all have a fantastic Halloween weekend. Be safe and eats lots of candy!!!