Saturday, August 13, 2011
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Safari Dress, Thrifted

Necklace, White top


White Wedge Sandals

Green Dress,

Shirt: WalMart || Dress: Thrifted || Necklace: H&M || Shoes: Rue21 || Watch: Thrifted || Rings/Bracelet: Styles For Less || Photography: Deone Thornton Photography

Hi everyone!!! So life is getting hectic. School starts in 9 days. Eeeek. Not excited. I'm 2 classes away from getting my Bachelors Degree. FINALLY. The 2 hardest classes though. To sum it up, I have to write 3 - 7 page papers every week. At the end of the semester I have to turn all those papers into one huge 40ish page paper. My topic is how media is affecting women's standard of body image. So I have to write my 3 page papers every week on studies done by professionals. The reports they wrote are pretty awful to read. A lot of jargon. My plan was to write all papers during the summer so I was prepared when the fall came and all I had to do was study for tests but guess what.... I did NOTHING. The papers are not easy to write and I feel like I'm just repeating myself to take up more room. I'm on paper 5 right now trying to get a few done before class starts so I am somewhat ahead. I have a feeling I might be kicking myself in a few weeks when school starts. 

House update: We finally closed!! We signed the biggest stack of papers I've ever seen in my life. We signed paper after paper after paper for an hour straight. And it seems like every paper said the exact same thing. Good news is, its over. So we get the keys Monday. You will start seeing lots of before and after pics on here. I am so excited for everything we have planned! Its going to be fantastic!!

As for the dress, I found it at a thrift store. I feel like I need to go to Africa on a safari when I wear it. All I need is a few more things to complete my outfit. hehe. Its cute buttoned up too, but I will go on a safari one day and I will wear this. Mark my words. 

Well it is Saturday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and check back Monday because guess what Monday is?? My FIRST giveaway!!!