Wednesday, July 13, 2011
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Sunglasses, brown purse, brown heels

Shirt: WalMart || Pants: Styles For Less || Shoes: Old Navy || Scarf: Styles For Less || Sunglasses: Styles For Less || Purse: Target || Jewelry: Styles For Less || Photographer: Deone Thornton Photography

Denim is so fun right now and definitely back in style.. and I'm not talking denim jeans! I'm talking denim jackets, denim shirts and denim vests. I own plenty of denim vests but I am currently on the hunt for a denim jacket that fits me how I want it to.  That is one of the things on my wish list. Here is how the wish list goes... I wish for something awesome that I see in a magazine, on tv or just wherever.. I put it on my wishlist and it stays there until I find and purchase it. I am currently planning on shrinking my wish list down (today) if ya know what I mean! SSSHHhhhh don't tell my hubs!

Wish List
Tan skinny jeans (long enough is the problem)
Gold watch that is big and awesome
Mustard cardigan
Floral oxfords
Denim Jacket
Yellow blazer
Rain boots

So pretty much I have a lot and I am a BARGAIN shopper to the max! So I won't purchase unless I find the deals. Wish me luck!